Love on Fire | Happy Valentines Day!

I always say Valentines Day is Love on Fire.  It’s not just another day. To me, Valentines Day is just as significant as my birthday. It’s a day where I choose to show my significant other how much I love him without breaking the bank.  If you’re like me,  you are one of the lucky ones who gets pampered and showered with gifts-of-love all year long.  So on Valentines Day, creativity is very important.  The typical flowers, candy, and a card is nice gesture, but lacks personality & individuality if you ask me.  So I’ve decided to come up with a few inexpensive ways you can shower your beau with love.

brownie treats


valentines cookie and milk

  • Valentines Day is on a weekday, so if you are a working woman/ man like myself, you can leave a sexy hand-written note of love on the dresser or in their car where they are sure to find it. This note will have them head-over-heels excited about what is to come when they get home.
  • Think of a couple things you both share and love equally.  To get your wheels turning, think of your proposal, or honeymoon, even the day you met.  It could be a favorite food, wine, location, etcetera… Sending little reminders of the special times you’ve shared are priceless.
  • Watch a Movie. Not just any movie, a romance movie or a video of your first date or a time you spent together. This will serve as a reminder of how you fell in love to begin with.
  • Have a picnic by the fireplace.  After you pick up or cook his/her favorite meal, spray on your most enticing fragrance that will send his/her senses in a frenzy, sit by the fireplace & tell each other 5 reasons you CAN’T live without each other. WARNING: THIS CAN BE VERY ROMANTIC!
  • Hot Bubble Bath. Nothing screams love more than a candelit bubble bath. Sprinkle a few candles around and fill the hot-tub with roses {which ever color is his/ her favorite…mine would be pink}.
  • Body Massage. After a long days work, who doesn’t want a massage? Everyone loves a good massage, especially from their Valentine. Turn down the lights, turn on some romantic music, grab the oils, and take the night into your own hands.

If you’re like me, you will also spending Valentines night with your little LOVE muffin!  Since V-day is on a weekday, I know her hours are limited.  Therefore, I plan on baking her some cute little cupcakes {or bake them together} or these cute little heart brownies.  The Strawberry Milk is a definite must!

I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to get your thoughts going. Just remember, Valentines Day is from the heart not the pocket. Add meaning to your creativity & seal it with a kiss…the rest is memories.

Happy Valentines Day!!

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