YCEIT! Vendor Spotlight | Beautiful Boudoir!

Are you looking for new and creative ways to surprise your future husband & raise your femininity a level? Have you considered the gift of YOU? I was fortunate enough to meet Ashleigh Taylor of Ashleigh Taylor Photography who specializes in Boudoir Photography. This type of gift will remind your husband-to-be just how lucky he is to have a woman as sexy and femine as you. I had a little Q & A with Ashleigh to get the inside scoop on this type of photo shoot and this is what she told me:

{NW} What is Boudoir Photography? {AT} I feel like boudoir photography can have a negative, cheesy, & 1980s connotation… but the truth is, boudoir photography is modern and sexy photos of women! It’s all about playing dress up, pampering yourself, and documenting what a sexy little thing you are! It’s all about confidence, female empowerment, and finding the beauty in yourself.
{NW} How did you get into this type of business? {AT} In a weird way, I think I’ve always had a little boudoir photographer inside me. As a kid, my favorite “game” was dressing up my friends in costume and photographing them with my little film camera! I called it playing “super model” and that is basically what boudoir photography is to me — playing super model for the day! I actually begin photographing boudoir professionally when one of my wedding clients asked me to take some boudoir photos for her so she could give them as a gift to her hubby on their wedding day…and the rest is history!
{NW} What are the personal rewards for woman who choose this type of photography? {AT} To me boudoir photography is the ultimate way a woman can celebrate herself. To do a session is to step outside your comfort zone, to be bold, to live on the edge, and to really own and accept who you are. It’s very empowering. When my clients see their photos, they discover how sexy and fabulous they truly are. As women we are so often held to impossible standards. We are told we are not tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough…but boudoir photography helps women see how perfect they really are! The biggest reward from the session is a deeper awareness of oneself & increased confidence! It is truly a transformative experience, with hot photos to boot!
{NW}What occasion do women typically choose to have this type of photo session? {AT} There is really no one occaision or right time to choose to do boudoir. It is ultimately a gift you give to yourself and a way to celebrate who you are in this moment, and feel extra sexy. Some women choose to give them as wedding gift or anniversary gift, some women choose to do it before trying for a baby, some women choose to do it for a big birthday, other women do it after a divorce, and some women just do it whenever. The possibilities are endless, and I recommend doing it more than once in your life actually. You are a different woman at 40 than you were at 30, why not embrace and celebrate yourself through all stages of your life?!
{NW} What do your clients typically wear for this type of shoot? {AT} I like to do 3 different looks. One a more covered look…maybe a cocktail dress or a cable knit sweater and undies. Then a bold lingerie look..after all, this session IS about being sexy. The final look is nude or implied nudity. Baring it all is nerve-wrecking but the pictures it yields are like nothing else! I find these are the most loved pictures from the session!

{NW} Where do your Boudoir Shoots take place? {AT} We can do boudoir photos wherever but I recommend that a client books a swanky hotel. That makes it even more of a fun, girls day, pampering experience! Other options are the beach, the forest, or being bold and taking it to the streets! It is fun to shoot outdoors but its not for most clients! A hotel is very secure and private and like I said very pampering!

{NW} Do you Photoshop? {AT} Of course! I think a little photoshop can go a long way and give clients that security that any blemishes, cellulite or stretch marks won’t be in their photos! However, I do like to keep retouching to a minimum as I want to them to really look like themselves, and look natural in the photos! This isn’t about putting your head on a supermodel’s body, it’s embracing the beautiful, sexy lady that you naturally are!
{NW} How do your clients receive their images? {AT} It all depends which package you buy… most clients though recieve an album, prints and/or a disc!
There you have it ladies! I hope this inspires YOU to be creative. If you’re looking to surprise your soon-to-be-husband or to just get that spark back…consider boudoir.

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