Traditions Explored

There are many old traditions that are carried into today’s Wedding Ceremony’s. Have you ever wondered where and what those traditions mean. At one point, I did too! So I thought it would be fun idea to give you a little excerpt on what these traditions symbolize.

*White Dress*

The White dress (as we all know) is symbolic of purity and innocence. Many brides today, including myself when “I DO” marry, will do away with this tradition. White is very elegant & is the go-to color for wedding dresses. However, there are unique occasions when brides decide to step outside the box and where other colors such as black, red, pink, EtC…

*Wedding veil *

The Wedding Veil signifies youth, privacy, & virginity. You don’t see too many brides in today’s more wedding style wearing a veil. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach, a veil will be a good way to tie into this theme.

{Picture borrowed from Aphrodites Wedding Blog}

*Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue & a lucky sixpence in your shoe*

Something Old – represents the past life the new bride is leaving behind but will also remind her of the connection of her family. An old item can be provided by your mother or grandmother, or the grooms mother or grandmother. It can be something as unique as a broach or hankerchief attached to the Bridal Bouquet or a piece of jewelry that has been passed down from generations.

Something New – gives the bride brightness of what is to come in the future. The opportunities here are endless; It can be your bridal gown, bridal shoes, or a piece of jewelry.

Something Borrowed – is to remind the bride that her friends & family will be there for her when needed. The borrowed item should come from a happily married woman (friend or family member) whose happiness & good fortune in her marriage will be passed on to the bride. REMEMBER, you must give it back… It’s not a gift 🙂 Most borrowed items are jewelry. Even though jewelry can be used in each one of these somethings, a woman can never have too much.

Something Blue – represents purity and fidelity in the marriage. Here is where the creativity really comes into play. There are so many options for your something blue. It can be a blue garter, blue toe nails, a blue flower in your hair, blue shoes, or even blue under-garments.

Lucky Sixpence in your shoe – symbolizes wealth & financial security. It was said you can use coins to symbolize the Sixpence. However, you can also order one online at just about any novelty shop for a more realistic approach.

{Picture Borrowed from}

*Bridal Garter*

Bridal Garters Represents the virginal girdle, the groom’s removal of garter symbolizes her relinquishment of her virginal status. The garter removal is a well-known tradition at almost all wedding receptions. The garter toss dates back to the Old English custom of flinging the stocking. Wedding guests would sneak into the bridal chamber, pick up the brides removed stockings and throw them at the couple. Whoever tossed the stocking that fell on the bride or groom’s nose would be the next to one marry.

{Picture Borrowed from}

*Wedding bands*

Wedding bands are symbolic of the eternal love the newly married couple share by their lacking a beginning or end. Wearing the ring on the 3rd finger of the left hand because ancient cultures believed that finger had a vein running straight to the heart <;3

*Throwing Rice*

Throwing ride send the newlyweds many wishes of abundance and many children. Not too many couples today practice this tradition.

The good thing about current wedding trends is that there are no trends. You can customize your special day to use one or none of these traditions depending on your own personal style. We encourage you to have Your Cake & Eat it Too! by having YOUR day…YOUR way.

Happy Planning!

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