Masons Galore!

Remember the “old” Mason Jars you would find in your refrigerator with canned jams, jellies, and pickled everything? Well they are no longer the thing of the past or for the pickles. They are taking our event world by storm. These inexpensive little gems can turn any and every event into a stunning DIY masterpiece. I collected several mason jars from all around the net and crafted them into three astonishing collages to share with you. These tiny-tots had me so inspired all day.

{Image Credit: Mason Jar Cover}

{Image Credits Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Picture in a Mason; Heart-Tag Masons; Turquoise Mason + Pink Flowers; Chalkboard Masons;

Mason + Brown Table Numbers}

{ Image Credits Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Mason Banner; Pink + Yellow Cupcake Masons; Pink Cupcake in a Mason;

Colorful Masons; Sweet Pink Lemonade; Rainbow Cake in a Mason}

{Image Credits Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Sprinkle Cupcake in a Jar ; Mason Girl Cupcakes Sign; Save the Date Mason; Cowgirl Cookies;

Clear Picnic RSVP Masons; Pink Lemonade Stand}

I had so much fun collecting these mason jars for you. I hope you enjoy them too! Would you use mason jars at your next event? I will!

Happy Planning!

6 thoughts on “Masons Galore!

  1. Nicole, I think that these are amazing and great! Ever since I was a kid, Mason Jars are one of my favorite glasswares to drink from. I don’t know, it must be the screw-top that does it.

    While they are great for DYI, and perfect for a rustic wedding, I found that Pottery Barn also carries a lot of mason jar items. It’s worth a look over there for some inspiration too (there is a chandelier for $150, but I bet a smart DYI could update that for pennies on the dollar).

  2. Nicole, it just tickles me how many different things people do with mason jars. Before I kept running across them on Pinterest, I never knew they were for anything but canning. Little did I know the mason was alive and well, taking on other personas.

  3. Yes Bobette, Masons used for canning is definitely past tense. They are new & improved with the same unique & vintage style =)

    {{Thanks everyone for liking & posting your comments!}}

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