Floral Inspiration

I was grocery shopping today when I ran across a very beautiful flower arrangement. I just had to share it with you because it my inspiration for todays’ post. When planning your wedding, you will run into a lot of different terminology regarding your wedding day flowers. You might not know what they are, but i’m here to make sure you do!

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Boutonniere – A single flower for the groom & groomsmen that is worn on the left lapel of their jackets. The Grooms’ boutonniere typically differs from his Groomsmen.

Bridal Bouquet – The beautiful bouquet of flowers (these days Bride are getting creative & opting out of carrying flowers down the aisle) carried by the Bride. Like the Groomsmen, the Attendants’ bouquet is different than that of the Bride.

Corsage – Single flower for women worn on wrist or pinned to breast. This type of flower is typically worn by the Mothers of the Bride & Groom.

Toss Bouquet – Bouquet or flower made to be thrown (near the end of the Wedding Reception) to the Bridesmaids & Bachelorettes.

Pomander Bouquet – Round ball of flowers suspended by a decorative cord or ribbon. This type of bouquet is carried usually by Flower Girls or Junior Bridal Attendants. However, Bridesmaids can also carry this beautiful “kissing ball”.

Floral Centerpieces – Flowers typically placed in a vase, in the middle of each table, and used as decor at your reception. Your table centerpieces will be the focal point of your entire reception and will serve as the main ingredient when identifying your overall concept.

More on floral to come. I Hope you enjoyed the picture!

Happy Planning!

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