Etiquette Tuesday | From Bride to CCO

Congratulations! You have officially been appointed CCO {Chief Creative Officer} of your wedding day. After you have identified your budget, allocated costs toward each section of your wedding, and secured your venue, it is now time for you to select your Wedding Party. I encourage you to wait until after you’ve secured your venue because {depending on your budget size} you may not have the space needed for all 15 of your girlfriends. {Being asked to be a part of a friend or family members wedding is a VERY big deal! YOU SHOULD NOT ASK SOMEONE TO BE A PART OF YOUR WEDDING PARTY THEN UNIVITE THEM; You might loose a friend ~ NW Etiquette Tip} Selecting your party is just as a very crucial and important part of your wedding. They will share in all your exciting and precious moments leading up to your big day. It is very important to select people who you just cannot imagine sharing this time without, someone who can understand and accept your vision, have your BEST interest at heart, and people you know will be there to support you throughout your wedding planning process. Your wedding party will take a huge responsibility that will require their time, money, and attention to detail. Make sure they are aware of this in the beginning. You will take on the bigger challenge of overseeing, making sure your Attendats are taking your & your fiance’s wedding serious, and firing those who just aren’t working in your best favor {doesn’t happen often, but it does happen}.

{Image Credit: Boston Jack Handmade}

Number of Attendants* The number of Attendants you should have is solely up to you and your fiance. However, you should always be considerate of your budget. A smaller budgeted wedding will not be able to financially support a large wedding party.

Friend vs Friend* It is never easy when deciding which friend to make as your Maid of Honor or Best Man. If you have two best friends, make them both MOH and BM. Brides, if one of your besties is married, they can always stand as your Matron of Honor.

Bridesmaids vs. Groomsmen* There is no rule that their should be the same number of Bridesmaids to Groomsmen. Sometimes the Bride may have more friends than the Groom {or vice versa}. This is okay! You can always pair two on one during your processional and recessional; This can make it flirty & fun.

Family vs. Friends* Your Attendants should typically be the closest person to you. Sometimes, family just doesn’t cut the cake. You may have friends you talk to more than a cousin or even your sister or brother. It’s okay to choose your closest friends to stand by you on one of the biggest days of your life.

Out-of-Town Attendants* Feel free to choose Attendants out-of-town, however, you should be careful when choosing to do this. They may not able to participate in many of the dress fittings or pre-wedding activities.

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer* Flower girls are typically aged 3 – 8 years of age and the Ring Bearer is typically 4 – 8 years of age. Again, this is your wedding so age should be befitting of your wedding style.


The best thing about your wedding, is your ability to tailor-fit your day according to your lifestyle. If you have a best friend who happens to be male, he is always welcome to stand as your “Bridesman” or “Man of Honor”. If your mother, like mine, is your BFF, have her stand in as your Matron of Honor {If married}, or your Maid of Honor. Other options of Maids or Matrons are Grand-Mothers, God-Mothers,and Aunts. The same applies to the Groom. If you and women who is your best friend, she can be your “Groomswoman” or “Best Woman”. If your father and you are very close, he would be honored to stand a your Best Man. Other options for a Groomsmen could be Uncles, God-Father, and Grandfather. Maids can also be from the Grooms side of the family and Groomsmen can also be from the Brides side of the family.


If you have friends and family and you just do not want to choose, you can also opt out of having Attendants. This will essentially help savour relationships that you may not want to tarnish. Remember, you are the COO of your special day, you can have “Your Cake & Eat it Too!”

Happy Planning!

One thought on “Etiquette Tuesday | From Bride to CCO

  1. Great tips and points! Choosing people to stand up and represent for you on your wedding day is very important. Always make sure to choose the right people, it will make your wedding planning and your wedding day even more pleasurable.

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