Etiquette Tuesday | Cake Etiquette

In honor of Wedding Cake Wednesday, I decided to do Etiquette Tuesday on the ever-so-sweet cake cutting. Remember back in the day when the beautiful Bride and her very handsome Groom would cut their cake then smash a piece in each others face? That is one tradition you should forget about {NO SMASHING CAKE ~ Etiquette}. There is nothing worse than spending the remainder of your reception covered in cake.


Here are a couple etiquette questions I’ve received:

Q: How are we supposed to cut the cake?

A: You and your new husband are to cut the first piece of cake together. He will place his {right} hand over your {right} hand while holding the knife. The slice you cut off should be small. Your groom then feeds you a bite-size piece, followed by you doing the same for your groom. The baker or caterer then proceeds to cut the remainder of the cake for your guests.


Q: When are we supposed to cut the cake?

A: The cake cutting is typically done no more than an hour after your meal has concluded. It is solely at your discretion when you cake is cut. However, The cake is the icing on the wedding, make sure no one leaves before having a chance to Eat Cake!


Q: Can we give cupcakes instead of having a large cake?

A: Absolutely! It is your day & you can have it your way! Many couples are turning to cupcakes as a way to cut cost. It helps avoid the added cake-cutting fee. You will still want to get a small one-tier cake for you and your groom to cut or save for your one-year annniversary.


Q: Do we need a Groom’s Cake & where do we put it?

A: Like everything else, having a Groom’s Cake is optional. If you are on a tight budget, this is something you may want to skip anyways. Many couples have taken interest in this Southern Tradition. A Groom’s Cake is a true & fun reflection of the Groom’s likings. Much smaller than your wedding cake, it can be designed as his favorite sports team, his favorite pal {pup}, or even his favorite past-time. Many Brides get really creative when thinking of what to incorporate for her Groom’s Cake. Typically, the cake is placed on a separate table, but they can look gorgeous side by side. Chocolate seems to be the flavour for most to off-set the central wedding cake, but like the cake, the flavour & filling is also optional. {Make sure you provide your baker a picture if his cake is going to be personalized}

Please feel free to email me your questions to and I will answer them on my blog.

Happy Planning!

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