Etiquette Tuesday | The Hideous Email Faux Pas

When planning your wedding or event, there may be many people on task or, you may have your vendors and venues on email. When reaching out to your planning team, make sure you are using the following email etiquette. Emails are not infallible. Believe me, I have made my share of mistakes. Now, I am passing my lessons on to you.

1. Do NOT over-use “REPLY TO ALL”

When you receive an email that copies other wedding or event participants, do NOT “reply to all” unless the information you are sending applies to each one of the copied participants. That means, saying “Thank You” or a smiley face to the sender does not have to go to everyone; just to the sender. If you are an “emotional emailer” {detailed in item #3} replying to all is a definite, hands down, email etiquette, NO NO. The rest of your uninvolved planning team should witness your frustrations, especially a vendor or venue.

2. Keep your email short and sweet

I can’t think of anyone who likes to play word search when reading emails. Long emails with important details mixed in are a waist time. Bottom line, they may not read it or they may not interpret the message correctly. To save time {for everyone involved, including you} use bullet points to convey your ideas and action points. This way your message comes across clear and concise.

3. Don’t be an emotional emailer {I know emailer is not a word!}

If someone sends you an email that makes you upset, do not respond right away! Why? Your emotions will take over and will come across in your response to that person. Your quick response could cause a bigger problem than help. Also, AVOID USING ALL CAPS in your emails. This may offend your readers. Using all caps will come across as yelling and intrusive so you do not want to be either. You may already know this, but I am going to tell you again anyways {because I learned the hard way}, disagreements are better spoken not written. Call the participant and discuss how the email made you feel and work out ways to resolve the issue.

4. Be careful sending emails from your phone

If you have an iPhone like me and or a Blackberry, be careful with your typing errors. Always proofread your emails before sending.

5. Always add your email recipients last

To avoid sending incomplete emails, add your email recipients after your email has been finalized and all your errors {if any} has been corrected. Then double-triple check that your email is going to the right recipient.

6. And last but definitely not least!

Make sure your attachments are what they are meant to be. The last thing you want to do is send your updated wedding planning checklist to your caterer and your venue contract to your Officiant.

Email faux pas happen to the best of us. The only way to overcome them is to learn from our mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again. Hopefully this post will save you the embarrassment I’ve faced.

Happy Planning!

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