Table-Top Thursday | Candle Impressions

Have you heard the saying “first impressions are the lasting impressions”? When your guests walk into your wedding reception or special event, what first impression would you like to make? When selecting your theme think about how you want your guests to feel when they enter the room. Once you decide on atmosphere, whether it’s romantic or fun, determine a time of day that will compliment your vision then cater to that visualization. I’m going to give you an EtC_Tip: Make sure the first element your guests notice gives them the WOW! factor. That WOW! factor is what they will remember long after your event is over. That distinguishing factor, that will have them WOWing or booing, is determined by your centerpieces. Your centerpieces will be a major focal point of your reception and event. So carefully executed, your centerpieces will set the tone and mood of any event. Here are a couple tips to make sure your guests get the most out of your well thought centerpieces.

  • Be careful when choosing the height of your centerpieces

Tall centerpieces are very regal, captivating, and provide a very extraordinary first impression as guests enter your wedding or event. The flip-side, is that these type of centerpieces can also be an obstacle for your guests to see and may hinder conversation if two people are sitting on opposite sides of the table. Using tall clear vases will help shun your guests view obstruction.

  • Placement

If seating your guests at a long table, avoid placing your centerpieces directly in front of your guests. This can also make it very hard on across the table conversations.

Today, I wanted share centerpiece ideas using floral arrangements accented with candles {my favorite} because I feel they are the perfect choice for a romantic and elegant ambience for a nighttime or evening wedding or event. The best part about using candles is the versatility of being able to use them indoors and outdoors while still creating your idealistic atmosphere. Just make sure if your event is outside, the wind is calm and the weather is nice.

To help keep your candles lit throughout your event, assign a helper. Their duty will be making sure all your candles stay lit during your event. If you have a Wedding/ Events Planner, she will take care of that for you. If not, that’s ok! just let your guests know you are merely having “Your Cake & Eat it too!”

Happy Planning!

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