Happy New Year!!! | My dedication to 2013

I have spent the early part of my day working on my goals for 2013.  Every year, you here people speaking their New Year Resolutions (NYR) {including myself}.  In most cases, they are the same every year 🙂  Why? because at the time, it was what you wanted or  probably needed to do at the time.  What’s the number one NYR?  You got it!  Loosing weight or working out.  As time progresses, upholding your NYR becomes harder as life gets in the way and throws us off track.   Today, we need to say *GOOD BYE* to our old habits of not seeing our resolutions to completion.

On my Facebook page last week I asked the question, “What is one *NEW* goal you have for 2013 that you’ve never had before?  When I asked the question, I didn’t realize how many goals I wrote down or planned that I didn’t finish or even start for that matter.  My own question had my wheels turning.  I started thinking, I thought about all the things I said I would do {that seemed like a good idea at the time} but never actually started…for whatever reason. I want to use new as a way to get us thinking outside the box.  What is something you’ve thought about but have never actually said or put down on paper because it just didn’t seem realistic?  I will give you a day or two to really think about this and set that one goal as your main dedication to 2013.
In 2013, I will challenge myself and dedicate 2013 to journaling.  I will journal my thoughts, ambitions, goals, personal & professional challenges, and excitements. Is this something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time?  cool!  I challenge YOU to join me. Here’s how you can start.  Being that I love love love journals, finding one is the easiest part.  I suggest one journal for all your journaling or, if you’re a tech nerd on the go, you can use your favorite Smart-phone or iPad application.  Starting today, just write how you feel.  What made you happy?  What made you sad?  What did you do today that made an impact in your life?  Add pictures, make it personal.
Last but not least I am challenging myself to *sticking* to my goals.  Sticking to my goals is also new because although I set many goals, some I have never committed myself to committing (that’s a mouth full).  In 2013…everything I commit to…I WILL complete and I challenge you to do the same 😉
Want to journal together? email me nicole@everythingcoordinated.com I look forward to your challenge!
Happy New Year!!

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