I, Nicole Winett, was born on the Sixth day of the Sixth month of the year. With Gods divine favor, I recently married a WONDERFUL man on the Sixth of September, and I just happen to work off Sixth Street. 

On this site I’m excited to share with you a candid look into my lifestyle.  A place where I can express my passions, thoughts, & ideas on a platform that’s all mine. Here are some things I plan to share with you:

Things I Love…

Journaling + books + stationary (you got it! pens, notebooks, planners, etc.) + planning events + being organized + baking + eating out + beach +long car rides + amusement parks + spending time with family + Starbucks + expensive bags + red lipstick + high heels + anything lemon + sweet red wine + rainy days + Haggen Dazs

My Fears…

God + height + depth + snakes + too much pork

Things about me my husband think are quirky {but he loves me still}…

I buy waaaay to many cups {especially Starbucks} + I’m actually obsessed with notebooks + ants freak me out +  I don’t like drinking water from a plastic cup {I prefer it in a wine glass}

My Bucket List…

Oh yeah!  Everyone should have a list. I’ll list & share as I go along. Some have already been completed but I’ll list and share pics of those as well.

– Welcome to my world!

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